How to use Rune Swap
1.To begin you will need a Binance Smart Chain-compatible wallet. (e.g. Metamask, Trust Wallet)
2. After setting up your Wallet, make sure you have sufficient BNB in your wallet in order to proceed.
3. Visit on your browser or click on swap tokens under the Trade drop down in our website.
4. Unlock your Binance Smart Chain-compatible wallet by clicking Unlock Wallet (you can also Connect in the top right-hand corner).
5. Choose the token you want to trade from the dropdown menu in the "From" section. In this example we used BNB and ZOD as a trading pair.
Make sure you have some tokens in your wallet ready to trade with. Your balance is shown above the token dropdown menu.
6. Choose the token you want to trade to in the "To" section as above. Next, type an amount for your "To" currency by clicking inside the input box.
7. Select SWAP and a window with more details will appear for you to review your trade. Once you've selected CONFIRM SWAP your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.
8.Done! You can select View on BscScan to see your transaction details on the explorer.

Reminders :

Please make sure you have sufficient BNB to cover the gas fees.
Slippage is 1.2-3%
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Reminders :