Rune Infinite (PvP)
Brawler PvP.
Take your hero to the next level in Rune Infinite Arena by battling others for victory.
Rune Infinite Arena is a web-based 2D topdown game, integrated directly into the Rune ecosystem.
Concept of the game. *Not real gameplay
Enter the Rune Infinity Arena with your hero, equipped with powerful weapons and armor, where you battle it out for prizes.
Once an opponent has been defeated, the gate opens to a path. This path goes on infinitely.
If you defeat an opponent, they go back to the beginning, and you receive a small buff. Every 15 seconds, more of the path becomes available. Every 15 minutes you enter a new arena.
The last one standing after 1 minute of battle will claim the reward, either crypto or NFTs.
After the reward is claimed (or after a timeout) everyone is revived and that arena is the new spawn point. This continues... forever!
Once the arena is live, it's inconceivable it will ever be empty again, because it will provide enough reward to make a living battling it out!
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