Runewords (NFTs)
Craft, collect, and trade powerful gear for your hero
Runewords are unique weapons and armor used to equip your hero. Each Runeword is different, with varying attributes suitable for a specific hero class or style of play. Equip your hero with Runewords to make them powerful in battle, increase magic find, or improve farming and merchant abilities. Runewords can be used between games in the Rune ecosystem, collected, shared, and traded in the Rune Market. Soon you'll be able to lend your Runewords to guild members or through the Market.
To create a Runeword, you must craft them from a combination of small magical stones called runes. Runes can be collected in play to earn games, competing with other players, raiding yield farms, purchasing through the market, airdrops, boss battles, and other mechanics.
The Genesis Runeword recipe is SOL THUL AMN ORT, in that order
To craft a Runeword you need to know the Runeword recipe, which is a specific combination of runes, used to mint the Runeword. Some recipes are known, some are secret. Once you know the recipe of a Runeword you need at least one of each rune required for crafting that Runeword. When you are ready to craft visit the Crafting Cube and convert your runes into a Runeword.
For example, to craft a Genesis Runeword, you need one of each SOL THUL AMN ORT in that order.
Rolling / Min-maxing
    Runewords have a list of attributes, with random ranges.
    For example, Alice might roll +10% farm bonus when crafting STEEL, but Bob only crafted +5% farm bonus. Poor Bob.
    Runewords in Rune Farm have farming related attributes. The same Runeword would have battle related attributes in Rune Infinite or Rune Sanctuary.
    You will get different attributes every time you craft a Runeword, making every Runeword unique and entirely different from the next.

Example Runewords

Transmuting (also known as slamming)
    After you are happy with your roll in the Crafting Cube you might want to upgrade it even more by crafting it with a Worldstone Shard.
    You are sending your item through time and space by putting the Worldstone Shard and the Runeword in the Cube once again and transmuting them, where it comes back to you in a different form.
    This new item could be stronger, weaker, or even fractured.
    Fractured items cannot be Cubed again.

Worldstone Shard

    The Worldstone Shard has the ability to transmute items.
    This can improve the attributes, sometimes add new attributes, and even make that item much weaker.
    To be able to claim your Worldstone Shard all you need is to craft and equip the Runeword Lorekeeper (see for known Runewords) and 'Claim Shard' in the Farms.
    Worldstone Shards are limited to 1 per week.
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