The Rune ecosystem is brought to you by Binzy.
I am Binzy. You are Binzy. We are Binzy.
Why anonymous? In order to protect ourselves, associates, and our users from archaic legislation imposed by governments who won't understand the emerging DeFi field for years to come. If something were to happen to a centralized component of our system (eg. domain name) we can continue by other means. If we were to receive a request for user data, we would promptly throw it in the trash. We might burn it first, we like burning things (like $RUNE tokens).
What makes Binzy different? Well for starters Binzy is a real software engineer with 20 years experience, not an ape with a keyboard. Well, Binzy might be both. Further, Binzy is an outside of the box thinker that's well connected in the crypto world, positioned to deliver crypto excellence.
If you're looking to be an official Binzy, please contact us on Discord with your experience and goals. Although we have design experience in-house, we could use more. We could also use community managers and marketing support.
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