Rune Tokenomics
The Rune token is the governance and rewards token for the Rune ecosystem. Rune holders will be able to claim rewards generated in the ecosystem if they stake or participate in governance votes. Players will also be able to earn the token when they play various games within the Rune Universe and through community-generated content initiatives.
There was a fair distribution of the $RUNE BEP-20 token to liquidity providers on Binance Smart Chain. Distribution was announced in advance and there was no pre-mine or allocations before launch. A maximum supply of 22,530 $RUNE tokens were minted, and 3,230 tokens were burned, leaving a total circulating supply of 19,300 tokens.
Our goal is to align the incentives between players and developers in novel and exciting ways. The mechanisms described above have two primary goals:
    To reward players for interacting with the Rune ecosystem while simultaneously incentivizing them to hold on to their tokens so they can claim additional rewards.
    To decentralize the ownership and governance of the Rune ecosystem.
The $RUNE token was initially launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as an experiment to bootstrap the ecosystem and create a community dedicated to changing the fundamental nature of gaming for the better. To facilitate the use of Rune as a rewards and payments token and connect the games within the Rune Universe the $RUNE token will be split into Rune Shards ($RXS) on a 1:10000 ratio, where 1 $RUNE = 10,000 $RXS. The Sharding will happen in October, 2021. When you shard 1 $RUNE token on Binance Smart Chain you will receive 10,000 $RXS tokens, to be used as payments and rewards in games throughout the Rune Universe.
The tokens will have governance voting built in, and there will be a UI for hodlers to vote on important changes to the ecosystem in early 2022.
In early 2022, the revenue distribution from the Rune Vault will go live. The vault will begin to receive revenues generated by the Rune ecosystem. This treasury will be governed by Rune stake holders, once the network has become sufficiently decentralized.

Transfer mechanisms

There is a 1% transfer fee for the $RXS token and runes, up to 1% vault fee, which includes a 0.10% charity fee and a 0.10% dev fee. This fee goes to the vault, where it is used to fund marketing, development, and community building events.
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